Man drives bus wearing helmet after windscreen smashed

Man drives bus wearing helmet after windscreen smashed

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A driver of the Uttar Pradesh Road Transport Corporation drove his bus for over a hundred kms wearing a helmet, after the windscreen of the vehicle was damaged.

The matter came to light after a video showing the driver driving the bus wearing helmet "to avoid the shivering cold" went viral on social networking sites on Sunday.

According to the reports, the bus was on its way from Kanpur to Mahoba, about 300 kms from here, when an alleged mentally retarded woman threw a stone hitting the front windscreen.

"Initially I decided not to drive the bus as the windscreen was smashed and the cold air rushing inside the vehicle made driving virtually impossible," said the driver, identified as  Jitendra Kumar.

He said that the passengers, however, wanted him to continue. "I decided to wear a helmet to avoid the cold," Kumar said. "Though it was still very difficult to drive but I somehow managed," he added. The officials, however, said that the driver should not have driven in such a situation and waited for help. "It could have been dangerous.. it seems he gave in to the pressure of the passengers," said an official.