Over 92,000 undertrials freed as part of jail-decongest scheme

Over 92,000 undertrials freed as part of jail-decongest scheme

Up to 70 per cent of over three lakh undertrials in the country are to be released or granted bail as part of the six-month-long scheme launched on Republic Day this year. The exercise will continue till July 31.

According to data complied by the Department of Justice in the Law Ministry, till end of April, more than 92,000 undertrials have been either discharged or granted bail.

The scheme is being implemented in consonance with various High Courts of the country and is aimed at decongesting jails.

The government expects about 70 per cent of the over two lakh undertrials to be identified by July 31 for discharge or grant of bail, depending on the nature of crime.

Since the scheme involves judicial processes, the government had requested all the 21 High Courts to identify cases that could be considered under it.

The Allahabad High Court has so far released or granted bail to 29,009 undertrials from across Uttar Pradesh.

Under the jurisdiction of the Andhra Pradesh High Court, 9,116 undertrials have been freed. The Delhi High Court has ensured bail or freedom for 8,701 undertrials so far.
The Bombay High Court with its jurisdiction over Maharashtra, Goa, Daman and Diu has released 7,252 undertrials while the Calcutta High Court has freed 287 people.

There are 1,500 jails in the country with a capacity to house two lakh prisoners. But the total number of prisoners -- including undertrials -- is pegged at three lakh.