11 BJP-ruled states further cut taxes on petrol, diesel

11 BJP-ruled states cut taxes on petrol, diesel: Here's how much fuel costs in these cities

In Delhi, petrol is down by Rs 6.07 to Rs 103.97 per litre, while a litre of diesel is now cheaper by Rs 11.75 at Rs 86.67

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After the Modi government on Wednesday slashed excise duty on petrol and diesel by Rs 5 and Rs 10 respectively, providing respite to the common man, 10 BJP-ruled states followed suit. 

Assam, Tripura, Manipur, Karnataka, Goa, Uttar Pradesh, Gujarat, Himachal Pradesh, Haryana, Uttarakhand and Arunachal Pradesh further reducing the value added tax (VAT) on petrol and diesel. As a result, petrol is expected to be cheaper by Rs 12 and diesel by Rs 17, in these states as the nation celebrates Diwali. 

Here's how much petrol and diesel would cost you today in these cities:

In Delhi, petrol is down by Rs 6.07 to Rs 103.97 per litre, while a litre of diesel is now cheaper by Rs 11.75 at Rs 86.67. In Mumbai, a litre of petrol is down by Rs 5.87 at Rs 109.98 and diesel now costs Rs 12.48 lesser at Rs 94.14.

Similarly, in Kolkata and Chennai, a litre of petrol is cheaper by Rs 5.82 and Rs 5.26 at Rs 104.67 and Rs 101.40, respectively. Meanwhile, diesel price is down Rs 11.79 and Rs 11.16 at Rs 89.79 and Rs 91.43 in Kolkata and Chennai, respectively.

The cost of a litre of petrol in Bengaluru has come down to Rs 107.64 and it is expected to come further down to Rs 95.50 by the evening as the state has further slashed taxes on fuel. Bengalureans will save over Rs 10 on a litre of diesel, which presently costs Rs 92.03, starting today evening as the price will to drop to Rs 81.50 per litre.

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In Agartala, the rate of petrol is expected to reduce to Rs 98.33, while diesel will cost Rs 85.63 a litre each. Petrol currently costs Rs 104.33 per litre, and diesel Rs 90.56.

VAT rates differ from state to state, leading to differential rates of fuel.

The excise duty cut announced on Wednesday night is the highest-ever reduction in excise duty. It rolls back a part of the Rs 13 and Rs 16 per litre increase in taxes on petrol and diesel effected between March 2020 and May 2020.

The hike in excise duty had taken central taxes on petrol to their highest level of Rs 32.9 per litre and that on diesel to Rs 31.8 a litre.

The Gujarat government has reduced the Value Added Tax (VAT) on petrol and diesel by Rs 7 per litre each, according to the Chief Minister's Office. With this decision, petrol will now cost Rs 95.13 per litre and diesel Rs 89.12 per litre in Ahmedabad, while the two fuels will cost Rs 94.89 and Rs 88.89, respectively, in Surat. 

The Haryana government also reduced VAT on petrol and diesel in the state. As a result, both petrol and diesel will now be cheaper by Rs 12 per litre. 

Himachal Pradesh Chief Minister Jairam Thakur said his government would also reduce (VAT) on petrol and diesel.

Meanwhile, BJD-ruled Odisha and the RJD-led NDA government in Bihar also announced fuel price cuts. Petrol and diesel in Odisha will be cheaper by Rs 3, while in Bihar, petrol will cost Rs 3.20 lesser and diesel Rs 3.90 lower.

Arunachal Pradesh too slashed VAT on petrol and diesel. CM Pema Khandu announced in a tweet that petrol rates would be down by Rs 10.20 per litre and diesel Rs 15.22 lower. "With the Central & State Govt decisions Petrol will now be Rs 91.87 per Ltr & Diesel RS 79.83 per Ltr in the State w.e.f 12:00 AM of 5th Nov 2021," he tweeted.

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