COVID-19: 1.5 lakh NRKs register to return to Kerala

Coronavirus: Over 1.5 lakh NRKs register to return to Kerala

personnel question commuters for stepping out of their houses, during the nationwide lockdown to curb the spread of coronavirus. (PTI Photo)

 Over 1.5 lakh Non-Resident Keralites (NRK)s, stranded in various countries, have registered online for returning to the state, once the Centre gives the nod and air services resume The Norka (Non-Resident Keralites Affairs) department had commenced the registration process at around 6 pm on Sunday and within an hour 25,000 had registered, government sources said.

Till Monday morning, over 1.5 lakh NRKs have registered, the maximum is from UAE-- over 60,000.

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The aged, pregnant women, children, critically ill patients, those with expired visas and those who had gone abroad on visiting visa are among the large numbers of people who are waiting to return.

Those wanting to return, have to get themselves tested for COVID-19 in the respective countries, where they are and register after getting a negative certificate for the infection.

The registration is for arranging quarantine facilities in the state, if necessary, and not forgetting any priority on flight bookings, the sources said.

After the NRKs register themselves, the government would draw up a list on how to bring them back as per priority.