Students using sweat of Frogs to get a high

Students using sweat of Frogs to get a high

Students in some areas of the hill state of Himachal Pradesh are licking the sweat of a frog to get intoxicated, credible information has revealed. 

According to information procured from an incident that took place at a senior secondary school in Nurpur constituency in the hill state, students use to lick the sweat of the frog to get high. They would first play with the tailless amphibian to exhaust it. This would lead to sweat on the frog’s body. Students would then hold the frog, lick its sweat and get tipsy. 

This information was revealed by Nurpur MLA Rakesh Pathania on the floor of the state assembly during the ongoing winter session in Dharamshala. The MLA cited an incident where the students had thrashed the principal of the school who had asked them not to play with frogs. Subsequent probe into the thrashing incident exposed the alarming trend among youngsters using frog sweat as a cheap alternative to other forms of intoxicants. 

Another MLA said boys were also consuming shoe polish as a medium to get high. An MLA said students were even caught hiding drugs in the rectum. The legislators demanded strict vigil, especially outside the school, to check the growing menace of drugs in the state. 

Meanwhile, the state government in this BJP ruled state has introduced a bill in the state assembly amending the Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Act (NDPS) 1985 to make the law even more stringent. The new amendment now makes even a small quantity of drug seizures non-bailable in the hill state.