Train made to run non-stop to rescue kidnapped child

Train made to run non-stop to rescue child from kidnapper

For the first time, an express train was made to run non-stop for 206 km to rescue a 3-year old girl, who was kidnapped.

On Saturday night Railway Protection Force (RPF)  from Lalitpur Railway Station in Uttar Pradesh received a complaint from a woman who said that her daughter was kidnapped from home near the station and suspected that they might have boarded a train.

When RPF scanned CCTV footage, it was found that a person with a girl had boarded the Raptisagar Express train at 5.57 pm on Saturday, and the train had left the station. Soon the RPF staff swang into action and alerted railway operating control in Bhopal, which was the next destination of the train. The RPF requested railways not to stop train enroute to prevent kidnapper deboarding it, a senior railway official said here.

The railway ensured that the train reaches Bhopal staton at 9.15 pm without halting enroute station covering the 201 km journey.

Interestingly, the train did not have an official halt in enroute stations between Lalitpur to Bhopal but had only technical halts. The railways also ensured that the train did not stop even for technical halt and gave the route a clear signal so that it reaches Bhopal quickly.

When the train reached Bhopal, the RPF men searched the train and were able to reacue that child and arrest the accused, said the official. The RPF officials handed over child to its family safely, the official added. 

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