Maha launches AMBIS to speed up crime investigation

Devendra Fadnavis. (PTI Photo)

In a bid to gear up a criminal tracking system, the Maharashtra government has set up the  Automated Multimodal Biometric Identification System (AMBIS) - the first-of-its-kind in India.

The AMBIS  system can collect humongous demographic and biometric data of criminals including finger and palm prints; IRIS and face recognition and can be stored in the system. 
"Maharashtra becomes the first in the country to use such a global system for crime investigation," chief minister Devendra Fadnavis,  who also holds the home portfolio,  said.
This system would be useful in quickly providing the information about the criminals and to increase the percentage of convictions. 
Dedicating this system, Fadnavis said that availability of new technology platforms has helped maintain law and order in a best possible way. 
With modernisation, the police have started digitally storing data of the criminals by scanning their finger prints, palm prints, faces and eyes and the old system of obtaining finger prints has been replaced.
This digital data will be useful in identification of criminals and tracing them. Thus, ‘AMBIS’ can be described as ‘Google’ for police force as it provides information of criminals in just one click.
The use of CCTV, CCTNS and AMBIS systems have been put to use and with that percentage of immediate arrest of the criminals, and their conviction rate has also gone up. It is possible to keep an eye on every part of the Mumbai city due to the CCTV system. This has helped in taking necessary measures in times of distress caused by heavy rains, or regulating transport during festivals, the chief minister said.
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