Woman Army officer wants tending facilities for child

Woman Army officer wants tending facilities for child

A woman Army officer has approached the Supreme Court seeking a direction for implementation of the National Children Policy, 2013, which stated that a working mother of an infant cannot be posted to a place lacking creche and other tending facilities.

Lt Col Annu Dogra sought a direction to quash the orders issued on November 24 and December 29, rejecting her representation against transfer from current location in Jodhpur.

Terming her detailment orders as "unwanted action and deliberate harassment," the officer claimed the move was also in total disregard of her situation as a mother of a two-year-old child. Her husband was also posted at Jodhpur, she pointed out.

"The neglect of her child of such a tender age has disturbed the mental peace of the petitioner and has affected her abilities to carry out duties effectively and is nothing short of harassment," her petition filed by advocate Aishwarya Bhati stated.

She was posted as Lt Col of the Judge Advocate Generals Department of the Indian Army.

The officer further contended that the Union government and the Army are not entitled to go against the policy issued by the Ministry of Women and Child, which safeguards the interest and fundamental rights of the children along with their mothers irrespective of the fact that they may be a member of the Indian Armed Forces.