New tattoo creates music

New tattoo creates music

New tattoo creates music

A Russian artist has taken the art of body modification to a new dimension by developing a new instrument that allows people to make music from tattoos.

The instrument is a part of the project, dubbed 'Reading my Body, created by visual artist Dmitry Morozov.

The instrument does not make use of strings or brass, but rather, it emits sounds electronically.

The unique instrument plays music that is coded in a tattoo, 'Ubergizmo' reported.
The instrument is powered by a stepper motor and comprises of a pair of offset rail-mounted sensors.

The sensors crawl across the skin to read a tattoo that resembles a chunky barcode.

The "notes" and instructions for the sensors are inked into flesh, the report said.

The sensors themselves will be able to move independently along the tattoo, or they can be controlled manually.

This gives each tattoo that is encountered the flexibility of offering more than just a single soundtrack.

This means each tattoo isn't limited to just one score, even though the tattoo may be forever.