BSY’s chance to redeem himself

The curtains have finally fallen on the uncertainty that pervaded Karnataka politics, with Chief Minister B S Yediyurappa winning the trust vote in the Assembly. This, however, does not bring much credit to the BJP as it has come to power through devious means by altering the composition of the House to artificially manufacture a majority that it did not have. The victory is thus devoid of morality. Though the BJP claims it had no role in the resignation of the rebel Congress and JD(S) MLAs, it had left its footprints all over the place — from the chartered flights in which the legislators were transported to the resorts where they were accommodated.

Yediyurappa has set a record by becoming the chief minister for the fourth time. He also holds the dubious record of becoming the chief minister three times without even enjoying a majority in the House. While in 2011, the BJP managed to secure a majority with the help of Independents, in 2007 and 2018, Yediyurappa had to resign within days of being sworn in as chief minister as he could not prove his majority on the floor of the House. This time, too, he does not enjoy a simple majority in the full House of 224. However, luck seems to have favoured him, with the Speaker disqualifying 17 rebel MLAs and paving the way for the smooth passage of the confidence motion. With the disqualified members debarred from becoming ministers, Yediyurappa is also under no pressure to induct them into the ministry, which will help him concentrate on the affairs of the government.

In the past few months, the administration had ground to a virtual standstill with all the energies of the government being expended in saving itself, while the BJP which was hankering after power had miserably failed to play the role of a responsible Opposition. Now that his dream of becoming the chief minister has come true, Yediyurappa should direct all his efforts towards the overall growth of the state. During his earlier avatar as chief minister, Yediyurappa, who had promised that his only agenda would be “development, development and development”, soon got embroiled in corruption cases and landed in jail. While one hopes history will not repeat itself, Yediyurappa should realise that he has now got a golden opportunity to erase his tarnished image and redeem his name by working untiringly for the development of the state. Karnataka has suffered enough at the hands of its selfish politicians. It is expected of the new chief minister to don the role of a statesman and put the state back on track.

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