Pilikula Park gets Dholes, painted storks

Pilikula Park gets Dholes, painted storks

The Pilikula Biological Park at Shivarama Karanth Pilikula Nisargadhama has received four Dholes (wild dogs) from Visakhapatnam zoological park.

Under an animal exchange programme, approved by the Central Zoo Authority (CZA), the biological park at Pilikula has received two male and two female dholes.

The Pilikula Park has given two male tigers, four red jungle fowls, and a crocodile to Visakhapatnam zoological park. Along with dholes, the park has also received five painted storks and five Alexandrine Parakeets from Visakhapatnam.

These dholes were once commonly seen in western and eastern ghats region and are called Chenninai in Tulu.

Now, their numbers have dwindled so much that they are listed under endangered category. The dholes are known for their hunting skills in a pack. “At present, the dholes have been kept in quarantine to adjust to the environment here and will be allowed in the display enclosure after a week,” Park Director H Jayaprakash Bhandary said.