‘Set up a trust in the name of Kodagina Gauramma’

‘Set up a trust in the name of Kodagina Gauramma’

Akkamahadevi Study Chair chairperson Leeladevi R Prasad inaugurates Kodagu district's first women's literary meet at Kanive in Kushalnagar on Sunday.

Kannada Book Authority Chairperson Dr Vasundhara Bhoopathi said there is a need to set up a trust in the name of well known Kodagu writer — Kodagina Gauramma. 

Speaking at the first Kodagu district women’s Kannada literary meet organised by Kannada Sahitya Parishat at Kanive on Sunday, she said, “Kodagina Gauramma was a well known women writer of Kodagu. One cannot discuss women’s literature without the literary works of Gauramma. Hence, a trust should be set up. The house where she lived should be developed as a memorial.” 

“Several women are engaged in posting their story and poems on social media. The review of women’s literature has been sidelined,” she lamented. 

She said, “From the inception of Kannada Sahitya Parishat, efforts are being made to conserve the Kannada language. The literary meets organised by the Kannada Sahitya Parishat not only discusses literature but also the burning issues of the land. Kodagu was a symbol of prosperity. The natural calamity that hit Kodagu on August 16 has saddened the people of the state. The rehabilitation works are pending in the district. It is nice to see people in Kodagu district engaged in literary activities amid the pain encountered by them after the natural calamity.”

Akkamahadevi Study Chair chairperson Leeladevi R Prasad said, “Only 16% of the people in the state capital converse in Kannada. There is a fear that Kannadigas will be sidelined in the state capital.” 

“Literature and culture are two eyes of our life. Literature helps in improving knowledge. However, the fight for tradition, culture, and protecting the land is restricted to only speech,” she lamented. 

MLA M P Appacchu Ranjan said, “English is a necessity in today’s world. However, we cannot forget Kannada.” 

In her presidential address, Sammelana president Vijaya Vishnu Bhat said, “We need to develop love for our mother tongue. Kannada language has a rich history. How can we get attracted to another language by keeping aside this rich language.” 

“When masterpieces were written in Kannada, English was in a nascent stage. I do not want people to hate other languages. Learning of languages help in expanding the horizon of knowledge. In the name of English, we should not sideline our mother tongue Kannada,” she added.