Gallery Go: Lightweight alternative to Google Photo app

Gallery Go: Lightweight alternative to Google Photo app

In a bid to enhance internet experience in India, Africa, and other emerging markets, search engine giant Google, for the past few years, has introduced special 'Go' series OS and related applications, which occupy less space on mobile, and yet deliver good service.

In the latest move, Google is bringing 'Gallery Go', which is a lightweight alternative to the Google Photos app.

The company claims the new Gallery Go is designed to work even when there is no reliable internet connection. It brings many of the best features of Google Photos on the device, to help the user find, edit and manage their photos even when they are offline.

Google Gallery Go automatically organizes the photos by the people and or any objects or landmarks, so the user easily finds their favorite selfie, remember where it was taken and also keep track of important documents. The user doesn't have have to manually label the photos and all these features run on the phone, without using the data. The user can create folders to organize the photos, and Gallery Go works with SD cards, so they can easily copy them from the mobile.

Google Gallery Go app for Android phones; picture credit: Google

Also, Gallery Go will allow users to easily improve the photo. The user can make use of auto-enhance—editing tool similar to the one in the Google Photos—for instant fixes. He or she can also choose from a wide array of filters to get a new look, and easily rotate and crop, so the photo looks just right to share on social media channels.

The app is only 10MB to keep the phone light and fast. Gallery Go is available on Google Play for devices running Android 8.1 (Oreo) or higher worldwide. Google has partnered with several phone-makers including Itel to offer the app in mobile out-of-the-box.

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