Netflix brings audio-only playback mode

Netflix brings audio-only playback mode

Netflix is one of the most popular multimedia streaming services in the world and also the subscription fee is a bit on the higher side, particularly for consumers in emerging markets like India. 

While it is trying to offer a free weekend streaming option, Netflix is also bringing new value-added features to enhance the user experience and most importantly keep the customer churn level to the minimum.

In the latest move, Netflix has begun offering audio-only playback mode on the Android app version in select market. This new feature is being rolled out through server-side over-the-air update.

This new feature will allow users to continue to play audio of a video when the mobile screen is off. Also, it comes in handy to listen to the podcasts and stand-up comedy shows, where just listening is enough to keep us enthralled.

Audio-only playback mode takes effect when the user presses the 'video off' button at the top. Also, users can find it in the settings tab in the Netflix app. And, after tapping the Audio-only section, it will give three options-- 'Always On,' 'Headphones or External Speakers' and 'Off.'

As of now, this feature is limited to select global regions and is expected to be made available in wider geography in the coming days. Also, it is yet to be released for the iOS version.

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