Samsung launches vertical TV, names it The Sero

Samsung launches vertical TV, names it The Sero

Picture credit: Samsung

Samsung has launched a ‘vertical’ television set and it has been named The Sero.

The option of having the vertical display is to cash in on mobile content that people would love to see on a bigger screen, most notably social media.

“Samsung Electronics analysed the characteristics of the Millennial generation, which is familiar with mobile content, and presented a new concept TV 'The Vertical', which is based on the vertical screen, unlike the conventional TV,” the company said on their website.

“This is based on the fact that most of the mobile content are in the vertical form, and it is possible to synchronise the screen of the mobile device and the vertical screen by executing the simple mirroring function based on the NFC (short range wireless communication) games, videos, and so on,” it added.

Samsung announced that the ‘vertical’ would be released first in Korea at the end of May. The price is 1.9 million won which converts to just over Rs 11 lakh.

Picture credit: Samsung

The Sero has a 43-inch quantum dot LED (QLED) display that can be rotated, thus giving the user the choice of landscape or portrait mode. The Sero has a 4.1 channel high-end speaker system that is powered by a 60W amplifier. This set can take advantage of streaming music services, including Samsung Music, and music stored on smartphones too.

This set has been optimised for mobile content and can be used for viewing on a full screen. Samsung also says this TV can be used by shopping sites with comments running at the bottom of the set.

If the content is changed from portrait to landscape, the TV screen can be rotated horizontally to provide a viewing experience similar to that of a conventional TV.

While not watching TV, images, photos, clocks, sound walls and such other things can be displayed to create a unique interior. The built-in microphone of the artificial intelligence platform Bixby and remote control can easily control various functions.

Last year, a similar product was launched and it is the Microsoft Surface Hub 2, which is a 50.5-inch 4K display.