The Lead: Read(s) of the week: Politics and history

The Lead: Read(s) of the week: Politics and history

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Hi and welcome to the Lead by DH Radio, in today's episode, we discuss 'Empire of the Moghul' by Alex Rutherford, 'The Great Unravelling' by Sanjay Jha, 'Durbar' by Tavleen Singh and why Rahul Gandhi should write a book.

We also, dwell into the sky novels, the skill of John le Carré.

Ahmed Shariff: Hi, this is Ahmed Shariff and welcome to DH Radio. Joining me is my colleague L Subramani. Hi sir, welcome to another episode of Read of the week.

L Subramani: Thank you, Ahmed. Wonderful to be here once again to talk about books that we read in the week that went by. So what about you, what book have you read?

Ahmed: In the previous episode, I told you that I would be reading 'Dara Shukoh: The Man Who Would Be King' by Avik Chanda. I haven't started with the book, I diverged a bit in the same direction though. I would like to talk about... This is my suggestion to our listeners, 'Empire of the Moghul' by Alex Rutherford...

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