BSP MLA courts row, found checking woman’s pic in House

BSP MLA courts row, found checking woman’s pic in House

N Mahesh

Former primary-secondary education minister and BSP legislator N Mahesh was forced to explain himself after he was caught on camera viewing the photograph of a woman on his mobile phone, in the Legislative Assembly on Monday.

Though the use of mobile phones inside the House is banned, Mahesh not only carried his phone inside, he was also busy browsing through it.

After television channels started airing the visuals of him viewing the photograph, Mahesh clarified that he was seeing the pictures and profile of a prospective bride for his son, sent to him by his friend.

Admitting that he had made a mistake by carrying the phone inside the Assembly, Mahesh however, requested the media not to air the pictures of the girl, as it would be an invasion of her privacy for no fault of hers.

“It is very unfortunate that this is being sensationalised. I was just checking out the profile of a prospective bride for my son. I have been looking for a bride for him for the last six months. I, however, admit that it was a mistake that I viewed the photo inside the House. Also, I was anticipating messages about the Kollegal hospital where the victims of Sulvadi incident are being treated. The Speaker hasn’t sought an explanation so far. But I will go and explain myself to him,” he added.

Use of mobile devices inside the state legislature has been restricted after repeated instances of MLAs being caught on camera being engrossed on their phones.