Coalition govt is counting hours: Shettar

Coalition govt is counting hours: Shettar

Former chief minister Jagadish Shettar. DH file photo

Former chief minister Jagadish Shettar said that coalition government in State is counting hours and it can fall anytime now.

Speaking to media persons here on Sunday, he compared the JD(S)-Congress government’s survival chances with that of water bubble. “BJP is not involved in breaking of the government, it is the warring groups within Congress party which is bringing this government down,” he said and added that there is a difference of opinion between the ministers and MLAs of Congress that is leading to collapse of the State government.

Majority of Congress leaders are feeling as if they have lost their identity after joining hands to form the government in Karnataka. They (Congress leaders) too have realised that the mandate was against Congress and JD(S).

When asked about the Chief Minister Kumaraswamy’s statement that there were kingpins who are trying to topple his government, Shettar rebutted the claim and said if chief minister has any proof against such claims let him make it public, else he should not make ‘hit and run’ statements that are based on nothing.

Shettar asked the CM to use his government machinery and investigate into the ‘kingpin’ accusation.

The senior BJP leader also claimed that the party had not conducted any ‘operation Kamala’ this time. He also threw a challenge to the ruling party leaders to ‘control’ their MLAs from fighting with each other. “Instead of reining your MLAs, you (JD(S)-Congress leaders) are trying to shift the blame on others,” he said.

Shettar said if opportunity provides them to rule the State, the party would take it up as the mandate was in their favour.