Farmers intercept sand-laden trucks in Kolar

They allege inaction by the district administration; oppose Global Investors Meet

Members of Raitha Sene intercepting sand- laden trucks have amassed support from the farmer leaders, as the district administration has failed in checking the menace of transporting sand illegally.

“It is high time the district administration takes action against illegal sand transport. Else, the members of the Sene will continue to stop the trucks,” warned farmer leaders Chukki Nanjundaswamy, Chamarasa Malipatil and Badagalapur Nagendra.

Addressing the press conference in the City on Friday, they justified actions by the farmers and said the trucks have been stopped keeping in mind the welfare of the district and have not have broken any law.

“Failure of the district administration is the reason behind such a condition. If no action is taken now, we will continue operations all over the State,” they said.

Support system

Speaking about the support system, farmer leaders alleged that the local representatives had joined hands with the truck owners who transport sand illegally.

These representatives put pressure on the officers and warn them against taking action. This should stop and the officers should be in a position to exercise their duties properly. Deputy Commissioner and district police authorities should take strict action, they urged.
Conditions of the farmers here is bad.

There is no support for agriculture-related activities. Price of seeds, fertilisers, pesticides and other basic elements have become unaffordable to farmers. Price of fertilisers have been increased 10 times within a two-year span. Production cost is higher than the profits, they lamented.

Against GIM

Presently, the Government is making efforts to acquire agricultural land by evicting farmers. Government is also proceeding with the Global Investors Meet (GIM), despite State-wide protests from farmers. None of the promises made in the last GIM have been fulfilled yet nor the farmers have been distributed proper compensation.

They expressed disappointment over false promises of generating employment through GIM.

In reality, farmers are not supplied water nor electricity. But these facilities will be given to the private companies ready to invest here. Through this, the government is clearly neglecting the farmers. They demanded the government to declare the number of employments generated through GIM organised last year. They urged the government to implement development projects in association with farmers instead of supporting capitalists.

“A company established at a cost of thousands of crores worth investment may give employment to only  hundreds of people. This will not help people, especially farmers in the long run,” the farmer leaders  said.

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