'Water auditing for efficient usage is important'

'Water auditing for efficient usage is important'

Human rights activist Ravindranath Shanbhag speaks to mediapersons in Udupi on Wednesday.

The check dams will be of huge help in conserving water, Social Activist Dr Ravindranath Shanbhag said on Wednesday.

Speaking to mediapersons here, Shanbhag said that the water scarcity can be tackled effectively by building check dams, which in turn will increase the groundwater table in the surrounding areas. The dams should be built across the rivers and streams in the district that flows westwards.

“Paschima Vahini project should be introduced, which would enable the construction of check dams across the west flowing rivers and streams,” he added.

Shanbhag lamented over the government’s disinterest to execute such projects. He also regretted that the state government had not taken any initiative or allocated budget for such works.

He said auditing of water for efficient usage is need of the hour. This will help the administration to study the consumption pattern of water.
Dr Shanbhag said that the audit will also help in minimising water scarcity issues.

The auditing of water will also throw light on the factors affecting the water supply, including the availability of water. The illegal water connections and connections without water meters should be immediately disconnected.

He also regretted that the unscientific underground drainage (UGD) system which is totally unscientific is also polluting the water sources. The water source in the areas like Gundibailu, Kalsanka and Bannanje are contaminated owing to the improper drainage system.

He said that the UGD system was planned keeping in mind the population of Udupi at 40,000. But now the city’s population has tripled the figure. The administration should work on an elaborate plan on the UGD system and protect the water sources, he added.

Murulidhar Upadhyay, a resource person, said that sea water can be used like in Chennai. The District administration should set up a desalination plant of a small size, to help administration manage the water scarcity in the district.