Tourism dept puts curbs on shooting at protected sites

Tourism dept puts curbs on shooting at protected sites

The Stone Chariot in Hampi. According to the government norms, the designated sites should not be damaged, and they should be clearly visible in the clip.

Apart from providing a subsidy of up to Rs 2.5 crore to filmmakers whose movies promote tourist spots in the state, the film tourism policy approved by the Cabinet has also put restrictions on shooting at protected sites.

In addition to the restrictions imposed by the Archaeological Survey of India and state archaeological department on sites, the state government has also put curbs on the filmmakers while shooting the sites and their surroundings. Accordingly, the designated sites should not be damaged and they should be clearly visible while shooting.

Tourism Minister Sa Ra Mahesh told DH that though the idea is to promote tourism and state sites, the safety of sites is of utmost importance. “There is no restriction on the duration of filming the sites, but care has to be taken to ensure that no structures are erected and all ASI rules are adhered to,” he said.

He added that filmmakers will also have to ensure that the chosen sites are prominently shown in the film. The policy states that the on-screen time of the chosen destination should be at least three minutes in a song and five minutes in a movie sequence.

The policy has also imposed restrictions on the crew and their type at the site. At least 10 - 20 people of the crew members should be from Karnataka.

Golden Chariot

The film tourism policy has listed Golden Chariot along with 20 destinations where film shooting can take place. Apart from popular sites, the list includes lesser-known destinations and the ones which need to be revived. The list includes Devanahalli fort, Malkhed fort, Banavasiisand Lakkundi.

“The idea is to showcase lesser-known destinations and make them popular. The department has gone by the list available. Any additions or suggestions to the list and the policy are welcome as this is the first time such a policy has been framed in Karnataka,” said T K Anil Kumar, Tourism secretary.

Golden Chariot has been specifically included after Indian Railways agreed to share the haulage charges. Since the train was making losses, through this, the train will get popularity.

The whole train or coaches can be rented out for film shooting. The interiors or exteriors can also be changed depending upon requirement, unlike at other sites, Mahesh said.

Policy welcomed

Karnataka Film Chamber of Commerce president A Chinne Gowda said, “It’s a welcome move. Subsidy offered is good for producers, but how and when they will be given need to be explained.