HDK says he is sorry for Revanna’s remarks

HDK says he is sorry for Revanna’s remarks

Chief Minister H D Kumaraswamy

Chief Minister H D Kumaraswamy issued an apology on Sunday in an attempt to defuse a politically explosive situation brought upon by comments from brother and PWD and Energy Minister H D Revanna.

Revanna had, on Saturday, described actor Sumalatha, wife of the late Sandalwood star and Congress leader Ambareesh, as defying traditional Hindu norms by vying for political office after her husband’s demise. Although the remarks drew flak from various quarters, Revanna not only refused to apologise but did not acknowledge that he had said anything wrong.

On Sunday, however, Kumaraswamy clarified his stance on the issue by declaring that he is always concerned with protecting women’s rights.

“Wherever women are respected, God resides in that place,” the chief minister said, but blamed “provocateurs” for the controversy.

“Why Revanna said it and who provoked him to make such a statement can be found in the media reports. Even then he should have been careful. My family has never insulted women. If any woman is hurt by his remarks, I apologise as a member of the family. There is no need to precipitate this,” he said.

On Saturday, Revanna had said, “It has not even been a month since (Sumalatha’s) husband died. According to Hindu customs and rituals, after the husband’s death, the widow should avoid going out of the house for some time. She lost her husband recently. Why is she in such a hurry to enter politics?”

Ambareesh passed away in November 2018.