'Dist admin responsible for water crisis in DK, Udupi’

'Dist admin responsible for water crisis in DK, Udupi’

NGO Federation has blamed government and district administration for their lack of foresight in tackling water crisis in Dakshina Kannada and Udupi districts. 

Federation Director Padmanabh Ullal told mediapersons at Hotel Woodlands here, on Friday, that residents woke up only when there was acute water crisis. The crisis is conveniently forgotten when the region gets bountiful rainfall.

“It is a shame that coastal districts are facing acute water crisis despite receiving copious rainfall. The authorities have failed to take up work on desilting of lakes and open wells. Despite collecting hefty lake cess for development of lakes, no lake has been rejuvenated in Mangaluru,” he charged.

Instead of recharging the borewells and open wells, the authorities were engaged in sinking borewells to mitigate water crisis. Open wells should be dug and rainwater harvesting systems should be installed. The authorities have failed to check illegal water connections from the main pipeline that supplies water to Mangaluru from Thumbe vented dam, he alleged. 

Federation President B S Chandru said a separate water supply pipeline should be laid for industries, including MRPL, MCF and UPCL. Desalination units should be set up for industries to use sea water.

The water from Lakhya dam should be drawn to meet the requirement of Mangaluru citizens.