Dubare camp closed after musth elephant escapes

Dubare camp closed after musth elephant escapes

Mahouts wait for Gopi, the musth elephant, which has escaped into the forest from Dubare elephant camp.

Dubare Elephant Camp near here remained closed after Gopi, a tamed elephant which is in musth stage, escaped from the camp and failed to return on the second day. As a result, the tension prevailed at the camp. 

Musth is a periodic condition in elephants, characterised by highly aggressive behaviour and accompanied by a huge rise in reproductive hormones.

Gopi had visited Dubare forest area. All the efforts by the Forest Department officials and mahouts to get the elephant back to the camp have failed. 

The officials and mahouts are on high alert to ensure that the elephant does not go berserk and engage in a scuffle with other elephants inside the forest. 

The Forest Department has taken all precautionary measures and has tied other tamed elephants inside the camp and are fed, Dubare elephant camp forest officer Ranjan said. 

With the ban on the entry of tourists, the elephant camp looks deserted and children are returning disappointed.