Ensure no water crisis in Chikkamagaluru, MLA to PDOs

Ensure no water crisis in Chikkamagaluru, MLA to PDOs

MLA C T Ravi speaks at a meeting in Chikkamagaluru.

MLA C T Ravi directed Panchayat Development Officers to ensure that there was no water crisis in Chikkamagaluru. The water distribution system should be maintained well, he added.

Speaking at a review meeting on water management in Chikkamagaluru Assembly constituency recently, he said, “Measures should be initiated to supply water through tankers to areas that are facing an acute water crisis. The tankers should be installed with GPS for water supply. Measures should be initiated to sink borewells. Water should be filled in cattle ponds.”

The residents can dial the helpline 1800-425-2281 if they face any water crisis in their locality. The officials should respond to the call immediately and ensure that the water is supplied. 

Ravi said that there are 287 homestays in the constituency. The public water sources cannot be used by the homestays. The drinking water should not be used for other purposes. 

The MLA said that gram panchayats should ensure that homestays dispose of their garbage scientifically. The homestays should not be allowed to dump trash in public places.

The gram panchayats can also dispose the garbage collected from homestays and collect a fee for the same, he suggested.