Lockdown: Parents’ watch son’s wedding over phone

Lockdown: Parents’ watch son’s wedding over phone

Sanup Nair and Spandana Rai who entered into wedlock in a simple function in Bhagamandala on Sunday. DH Photo

A man from Kerala married a girl from Bhagamandala in a simple ceremony in Bhagamandala on Sunday.

However, owing to restrictions, the parents of the groom were stuck at Karnataka - Kerala border and could not attend the wedding. They ended up watching the marriage of their son on mobile phone and also giving blessings to the couple through the phone.

The marriage of Spandana Rai, daughter of Ramesh Rai and Shobha Rai was fixed with Sanup Nair, son of Sajeevan Nair and Bindu Nair, at Gowda Samaja in Bhagamandala on April 26.

The groom was working in Bengaluru and his parents lived in Peringavu in Kerala. The bride too, worked in Bengaluru. By availing permission, Sanup and Spandana reached Bhagamandala from Bengaluru while the parents of Sanup started off from their ancestral house. But, due to strict measures of lockdown, the parents and the younger sister of the groom were stranded at Karnataka - Kerala border.

The situation got murkier as the nuptial chain (Mangalya) was with Sanup's parents. As the marriage cannot be performed without 'mangalya', the bride and the groom contacted a goldsmith in Bhagamandala and got a temporary nuptial chain prepared for the bride.

The marriage was performed with traditional rituals.