Quiz brings to fore students’ competitive prowess

Quiz brings to fore students’ competitive prowess

Nagendra Prasad

Prajavani has provided a platform for the students to showcase their talent by organising the quiz competition. Three teams from our school were selected for the final round and have won first and second places, said Coorg Public School’s Amoghavarsha who, along with Deepak Raj, bagged first place in the competition.

“I am happy that my team emerged champion in the competition. Some more questions should have been asked in the preliminary round,’’ said Deepak Raj.

Tough questions were asked by the quiz master. As these questions are asked in competitive examinations, it will be benefit the students, said Coorg Public School’s Manjuprasad who, along with Bopanna, bagged second place.

“I have to be content with the second position. I am happy about taking part in the quiz competition,” Bopanna said.

Arlean Fernandess of Joseph School in Madikeri said the competition helped her in gaining knowledge. “We will make all efforts and preparations to win the quiz competition next year.”

“I am happy that three teams from our school were selected for the main round. Prajavani quiz has supported the talented students,” said Nagendra Prasad, Teacher, Coorg Public School.

Ranjitha, a teacher from Shanthinikethana School, said the quiz was educative and helped students a lot.

“We learnt a lot from the quiz. The students needs to be prepared for the competition,” said Dinesh Acharya, Teacher, Koodige Morarji Desai School.