Ramanahalli police quarters in deplorable condition

Ramanahalli police quarters in deplorable condition

The damaged roof of a police quarters at Ramanahalli.

Owing to lack of maintenance, the police quarters at Ramanahalli in Chikkamagaluru are in a dilapidated condition. Amid the fear of stray dogs and pigs, the houses are surrounded by weeds and the family members of police personnel live in fear. 

The gaping holes in the walls, the leaking roof, pathetic condition of the road and drains are what one can see while visiting the quarters. 

The tile-roofed houses for police personnel are over 50 years old. A few of them are lying vacant. Civil and DAR police personnel reside in these quarters. There are 324 quarters in the vicinity. A walk around the quarters brings out the problems in the surroundings. 

For the police personnel and their family, the rain is more unpleasant. Temporary repair works have been taken up. A few walls of the houses are in pathetic condition. 

The manholes at some locations in the vicinity are not closed. A huge boulder is kept on it, to ensure that none fall inside. The road leading to the quarters turns slushy during monsoon. 

“The walls of the houses are in a pathetic condition. There are instances of snakes entering the quarters. We are living in constant fear. In spite of carrying out repair works once in three years, it is of no use,” said a police constable. 

“The roof has been completely damaged. Rainwater enters inside the house. The entire area is riddled with problems; one of them being the vermin menace. Even the sewage drains are crying for attention,” said another constable. 

“Stray pig and dog menace has increased. We have to be alert at all times. Many a time, these stray dogs and pigs have entered inside the houses as well,” said a housewife. 

School vehicle driver Shekar said, “The pothole-ridden road leading to Ramanahalli police quarters is causing inconvenience to the vehicle drivers.” 

‘Proposal submitted’

Reacting to the condition of the police quarters, Superintendent of Police Harish Pande said, “Already unsuitable police quarters have been identified and a proposal has been submitted to the police housing corporation. The dilapidated houses will be razed to the ground shortly. There is a proposal to construct new quarters.” 

CMC Commissioner K Parameshi said, “The CMC officials have been asked to close the manholes and repair the road.”