Rampaging elephant confined to crawl at Dubare camp

The elephant is now confined to a crawl in Dubare elephant camp.

The tusker which had killed two people in Hassan was captured and kept inside a crawl in Dubare elephant camp.

The Forest Department had recently captured the elephant from Beluru taluk of Hassan.

One of the tusks of the elephant was found broken. The elephant is around 35 years of age and is considered to be the tallest among the elephants in Dubare elephant camp.

The pachyderm is being trained by mahouts Papu and Sharat. The elephant is trying to escape from the crawl. Sheds have been put up near the crawls for mahouts.

Along with this elephant, two other wild elephants are confined to the crawls in Dubare camp. Fodder and water are being provided to the elephants.

On June 19, the tusker had attacked and killed a woman named Pushpa in Devirahalli in Beluru taluk. During an operation conducted in Hassan on July 22, the elephant had killed forest watcher Annegowda. The elephant was later captured near Haladahalli forest in Beluru taluk.

Another elephant

Another elephant captured at Kandakkere near Chettalli is now obliging its mahout. It may be released from the crawl in two months. Tourists have been prohibited from going near the crawl.

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