Take measures to reduce accidents, DC tells officials

Take measures to reduce accidents, DC tells officials

Sindhu B Rupesh.

Deputy Commissioner Sindhu B Rupesh has directed officials to take measures to reduce the number of road accidents.

“Priority should be accorded to road safety, construction of permanent barricades in accident-prone areas and also filling up of potholes on roads,” she stressed.

She spoke chairing a district-level road safety committee meeting.

The deputy commissioner said that officials should ensure that street lights are functional. All works related to road safety should be taken up on priority basis, she said.

“There is a need to take measures to ensure the safety of motorists and pedestrians on all roads including national highways in the district. Steps should be taken to ensure that the roads are in proper condition. The officials should also identify accident-prone areas and take measures to prevent accidents. The police should initiate strict action against those who transport students and passengers in goods transport vehicles. Strict action should also be taken against errant vehicles,” Rupesh instructed.

Further, she said, “A control room has been set up to monitor the functioning of government ambulances. Private ambulances should be mapped to this control room using GPS. The Transport department should suspend the licences of drivers who violate traffic rules. The Aadhaar numbers should be mentioned on the driving licences to ensure that fake licences are not used by motorists.”

In-charge RTO Ramakrishna Rai and Superintendent of Police B M Laxmiprasad were present at the meeting.