Muslim organisations cry foul over ordinance

Muslim organisations cry foul over ordinance

PTI file photo.

Muslim organisations and women’s activists in Karnataka have strongly condemned the 'triple talaq' ordinance by the Centre, which seeks to make a punishable offence.

Bilkis Banu, activist and former chairperson of the State Women’s Commission, said, “I condemn this decision. The Narendra Modi government has been harping on justice for women. But we are not asking for punishment for men. Triple talaq is executed over a period of three months, which gives ample time for reconciliation. But if the man is punished, then who will look after the woman? This will create a problem for the woman as she is bound to be isolated and ill-treated by her in-laws. With the Lok Sabha elections nearing, the Centre is using this as an emotional issue,” she said.

Samina Banu, secretary of Forward Trust, an NGO for women, said, “This is really sad. The ordinance goes against the interests of women. The government is taking the matter into its own hands, not realising that this will create more problems for women. The government should have approached women's rights groups and come up with a balanced decision,” she added.

Siraj Ebrahim, executive committee member, All India Muslim Personal Law Board, said, “This is an absolute failure on the part of the government. There are pressing issues like farmers' suicide, rising prices of fuel and atrocities on minorities and women. This is nothing but the BJP government’s efforts to cover up its failure. This is autocracy - not democracy. The BJP wants to win elections. It wants issues to divide the people of the country. Who will pay the maintenance to the woman if the man is imprisoned? Also, why the haste?”

He said the Board condemned the decision and would take up the matter with the government shortly.

M A Sharief of Jamat-e-Islam said the government was trying to push its agenda through the backdoor, not taking into consideration either the debate in Parliament or the opinion of the Law Commission.

“This is nothing but the communal agenda of the BJP. Making triple talaq a punishable offence goes against natural justice and Sharia law. It is going to make marital life hell. The women will now be forced to run from pillar to post, when they could have actually parted ways with their spouses respectfully,” he added.