Forest department failure alleged in animal deaths

Forest department failure alleged in animal deaths

The Forest department has pulled up the socks, after animal lovers alleged that the department has been negligent despite the death of a few domestic animals, due to explosives, under Male Mahadeshwara Wildlife Sanctuary limits, recently.

A buffalo and a cow were killed after biting explosives laced with food and fodder, at Vadakehalla and Tokare village, recently. The animals suffered serious injuries on their faces and succumbed after a couple of days.

Animal lovers wanted to know how the higher officials claim that they are not aware of animal deaths due to explosives, though it was not a first such incident. Are the personnel on daily patrol not informing their higher officials? they asked. According to the villagers, a dog died in a similar manner, after biting a explosive, around six months ago, and such incidents are reported frequently in the region. 

As soon as the two incidents came to light, the officials have started to trace those involved in making explosives and supplying them to people in the villages near the sanctuary.

According to sources, it is alleged that the locals place explosives covered with food to prevent wild boars from destroying their crops and not to poach wild animals.