This village faces a concrete issue of illiteracy

This village faces a concrete issue of illiteracy

Keremundalahalli, a remote village under Javagal hobli near here, is deprived of basic facilities.

Till date, no political representative has visited this village. The people of this village have not yet seen either asphalt or concrete on the roads. The village, with a population of 125 people, mostly belonging to the Bhovi community, are yet to get an anganawadi or a school.

Thus, 80% of the people in the village are illiterates. They are unaware of any government programmes or schemes. They live in huts and sheds. As the roads are in a dilapidated state, there is no question of a bus facility.

In case of an emergency, people have to be transported on bullock carts to reach the hospital in Handraalu, the nearest village, which is 12 km away.

Even to elect their representatives, the villagers have to walk nearly 10 km to Mudanahalli to cast their votes. Most of the villagers send their children to school to Arsikere, which is 15 km away.

This village belongs to Handraalu Gram Panchayat and their GP representative is a member of Mudanahalli, who has not visited the village so far.

Speaking to DH, Manoj Kumar, a student, said, “We need to walk 3.5 km to Singanahalli, from where we catch a bus to go to school in Arsikere. We miss our classes if the bus does not arrive for the day.”

Dodda Bhovi, a resident, said, “During elections, various party workers come to us for campaigning. They leave the village after campaigning. No one visits us to provide any facility.”

“For the past 30 years, no MLA has visited Keremundalahalli. We are not sure whether he even knows about Keremundalahalli,” he said.