None quitting JD(S): Deve Gowda

None quitting JD(S): Deve Gowda

H D Deve Gowda

JD(S) supremo H D Deve Gowda, on Tuesday, said none of his partymen was contemplating quitting the party.

Recently, some of the party members had expressed their discontentment, leading to speculation that they might be jumping ship to the Congress or the BJP.

Addressing a press meet, Gowda said, “The MLCs had resentment that they did not get as much attention as the MLAs. I will hold discussions with them. There is no question of any of them leaving,” he asserted. 

Meanwhile, a meeting of the party MLCs, which was scheduled to be held on Tuesday, was postponed. Senior JD(S) leader Basavaraj Horatti told mediapersons that there was resentment about the kind of treatment meted out to them when the party was in power.

“However, we have not done anything against the party’s interests. If there is any discontentment, we will express it openly. Gowda has assured that he would discuss and resolve the issue,” he said.