Rahul used to interfere in UPA govt, says SMK

Rahul used to interfere in UPA govt, says SMK

Former chief minister S M Krishna offers tributes to the founders of the BJP at a party workers meeting, in Mandya, on Saturday.

Former chief minister S M Krishna has said that Rahul Gandhi used to interfere in the administration despite not holding any position in AICC during the tenure of Manmohan Singh as the prime minister.

“When I was in the UPA government from 2009 to 2014, Manmohan Singh had no hold over the affairs, despite being prime minister. Rahul Gandhi, who was just an MP, tore a copy of the Bill passed by the government.

“The UPA term was full of scams, including the Commonwealth Games, 2G Spectrum, and coal scam. As the Congress high command ruled that those around the age of 80 should not be ministers, I resigned,” Krishna said. He was speaking at a meeting of BJP workers in Mandya on Saturday.

Krishna, who crossed over to the BJP a few years ago, said that Prime Minister Narendra Modi had given corruption-free governance for the past five years.

More than 25 political parties have come together just to defeat Modi and none of them has a clue about their leader, he said.