Majority of victims are Om Shakti ‘maladharis’

Majority of victims are Om Shakti ‘maladharis’

A majority of the victims in the Sulvadi Kichugutti Maramma temple prasada case, reported on Friday, are Om Shakti ‘maladharis,’ who have taken a vow.

Several people from neighbouring villages, also devotees of Om Shakti temple near Chennai, had worn the ‘mala’ and had visited the Maramma temple on Friday.

The Maramma temple authorities of Sulvadi had made arrangements for laying the foundation stone for the gopuram on Friday. Thus, the prasada was prepared to be served to the villagers. When the ‘maladharis’ visited the temple, the prasada was distributed among them and a few other devotees.

Madesha, a villager, said the puja was scheduled between 6 am and 10.30 am and several devotees participated. But the prasada was distributed among the ‘maladharis’ first.

‘Rice bath’ was served as prasada. The villagers had prepared the ‘rice bath’ at the temple kitchen, using five kg of rice. While a few devotees consumed full plate of the prasada, several others did not consume the whole of it as it smelt odd. The villagers suspect that the ‘rice bath’ was mixed with pesticides. The temple authorities had also served ‘panchamruta’. But no devotee who consumed only ‘panchamruta’ is ill.