Will retire if Modi gets re-elected, says Revanna

Will retire if Modi gets re-elected, says Revanna

H D Revanna

Public Works Minister H D Revanna on Thursday said he would quit politics if Narendra Modi was re-elected.

Speaking to reporters here, Revanna said, “Modi has no concern towards the farmers. The Union government did not come to the rescue of the flood-hit Kodagu. What’s his (Modi’s) contribution to the country?”

He said that the JD(S)-Congress coalition in the state would win 22 seats in the parliamentary elections.

“A section of people is trying to divide our family. Kumaraswamy and I will not fight on any issues. They should stop daydreaming,” Revanna said.

“Numbers 22, 18, 6 and 8 are lucky for us. In 2018, the Kumaraswamy-headed JD(S)-Congress coalition came to power. On 8 (Feb), the chief minister presented the budget. Polling for Lok Sabha elections is scheduled for 18 (April). This time, the Congress-led UPA will come to power,” he predicted.