Women cops not comfortable with new uniform code

Women cops not comfortable with new uniform code

Women Police personnel above 40 years of age are unhappy with the recent decision of the government to alter their uniforms.

As per the new order, women police must wear shirt-trousers, replacing the saree. However, scores of women police, who joined the service in the recent past, are okay with the order.

A section of women police claim that the new decision is unscientific and it is problematic for them to serve efficiently. A police constable, who wished to maintain anonymity, said that health issues increase after 40 years of age among women and it is not feasible to wear shirt-trousers.

She said, health issues like thyroid, hormone imbalance are common and several women, including herself, undergo hysterectomy. “Hormone imbalance is common among women and it results in irregular periods. We have to face embarrassment in public with the new attire,” she said. It is said that the new uniform is mandatory from November first week and women police are a worried lot. It may be mentioned that Director General and Inspector General of Police (DG&IGP) Neelamani N Raju ordered to make shirt-trouser mandatory for women police, replacing the existing saree. Another woman constable pointed out that the higher ups are not bothered about protecting the welfare of women police. “It is a kind of harassment. We cannot air our grievances in public. At least, higher officials should have looked into the pros and cons of the decision. They should have gathered our opinion,” she said.

Another personnel said, “I am in the department for the past 26 years. I have never wore a shirt and a trouser. Now, it is very difficult to follow the new dress code. I am suffering from health issues and it is uncomfortable to go to work in a shirt and a pant. We are not opposing the new initiative but, the authorities must give some relaxation for personnel above 40 years of age and to those suffering from health issues.” A constable said, “As per the orders, the move is to improve the efficiency of women police. But, we are giving our best while wearing a saree. As per the higher authorities, women police can’t handle situations such as chasing criminals and crowd control in a saree. But, we have been doing it efficiently since decades.”

However, a 30-year-old woman constable said, she is comfortable with both saree as well as pant and shirt. “I am okay with any attire as I am used to wearing both,” she said.