Charming Calgary: a paradise on earth

Charming Calgary: a paradise on earth

Often referred to as the 'Switzerland of Canada', Calgary is majestically surrounded by a network of glaciers, waterfalls, and rocky hills, writes R D Sharma

Moraine Lake in the Rocky Mountains.

Calgary, the most attractive tourist spot of Alberta state in Canada, had always been a to-do on my list of travel destinations. After landing here, I discerned that there is more to Calgary that just its location of being situated at the confluence of the Bow river and the Elbow river.

Calgary is almost akin to India’s Kashmir valley. If Kashmir is heaven, then Calgary is paradise on earth. That is why it’s known as the ‘Switzerland of Canada’. It is majestically surrounded by a network of different glaciers, soaring waterfalls, stunning lakes, rocky hills and high mountains with their peaks covered in snow.

Lake Louise, Lake Moraine and Lake Minnewanka, the world-renowned lakes of the valley, are known for their unique colour and natural beauty. Besides them, Takakkaw and Elbow falls, spiral tunnels and Peace Bridge over the Bow river further add to the scenic beauty of the place. There are also lush green thick forests with cows, horses, rabbits, deer and bears moving about freely. 

Banff’s beautiful sites which include the sulphur mountain, roaring waterfalls, multiple lakes, national park, rocky trails and majestic mountains are worth seeing. There are ample facilities for tourists who can explore the sights by using lifts, gondolas, free guest shuttles and professional guides. A beautiful European-style market with good hotels and restaurants attracts a lot of foreign tourists. The silently flowing Bow river, with its clean and transparent water, serves as a good source of potable water for the inhabitants of Calgary.

Calgarians are peace-loving and law-abiding by nature. The people here are very courteous and well-mannered. Overall, the environment is so refreshing that you don’t get tired of walking for miles at a stretch. The city’s balmy temperature is off-set by its cool breeze, often accompanied by light rain. The roads here too, are a breeze to drive past as there’s barely any traffic. 

With so much going for Calgary, it is no wonder that the city has been ranked the fourth most liveable city in the world.