Sarah Todd keeps it simple

Sarah Todd tells Shilpi Madan that travelling has opened up her mind to different cultures and new memories.

Sarah Todd with her son Phoenix.

I feel the best part about globe trotting is education. Travelling teaches you things that you just can’t imagine or read in a text book. In school you are given a lesson, then the test. In real life, you will always receive the test before the lesson. My travels have opened up my mind to different cultures and new memories.

When I visit new places, I try to eat at as many local joints as possible so I can experience the culture and history of that location through the food. For me, the best part about flying international is getting to sample new cultures and different cuisines. On exploring domestic locales in search of a new experience, we often realise the beauty of our own country. I have seen so much of India that it has made me realise just how little I have seen of my own country. Now, more than ever, I have begun travelling across Australia, and have been simply blown away by its beauty.

Travel light

I am a very organised packer. Being like this, simplifies travelling for me. I have bags for my shoes; little zip up bags from Muji for my innerwear and bikinis; a waterproof zip up for my toiletries to guard against leakage. I ensure that my clothes are in flat, separate piles so that when I dig into my bag I know exactly where to find something I want. So there are separate stacks of dresses, shorts, jeans, shirts, gym clothes… I have mostly been a light traveller and only take things I know I will wear multiple times.

For the flight, I dress comfortably in a nice pair of pants and top, and slip on a big baggy denim jacket with pockets. In my large Louis Vuitton Neverful handbag I always carry PawPaw ointment — an Australian lip ointment that I generally slather over my face to keep it moisturised. My notepad — I like the fact I am disconnected from the world and I use this time as a little brainstorming session. Chinese tea bags to keep sipping on the brew throughout the flight to keep me hydrated and refreshed. I also wear pressure socks — I know, not flattering at all but it makes a huge difference to my feet/legs as they generally get quite swollen. I usually catch up on my sleep on flight. 

Tulum is where I am headed next. I love a beach destination and this one has been on my bucket list for some time now.

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