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While you prepare for admission for higher studies, do consider taking up the job that has been offered to you, since industry experience is also an asset for your future teaching career.

Dear Sir,

I completed my II PUC. In NEET, I scored 197 marks. In II PU boards, I secured 85%. I am confused about what to choose next. Will physiotherapy be a good career option or should I pursue homoeopathy or ayurvedic sciences? I am interested in biology. Please suggest some good career options.

Saba Kittur

Dear Saba,

List out all careers related to biology, ranging from pure sciences, paramedical, agriculture, pharmacy, nutrition, environment and veterinary to alternative medical streams such as homoeopathy or Ayurveda (or even Unani, Siddha, naturopathy). You should get into alternative medicine only if you believe in that system of therapy. Otherwise, you will not do justice and be a hypocrite.

In the other fields listed above, check out the skills required, e.g. for physiotherapy you need kinaesthetic ability (good mind-body connection, dexterity of hands), for speech and hearing pathology you need patience and skills to communicate with difficult people or children. Agricultural sciences would require you to work in open fields with farmers. Study of pure biology can take you into research, where you should have the strength to concentrate deeply and work long hours independently in a laboratory set-up. This way if you evaluate your aptitude you will be able to take the right decision, failing which you can get yourself assessed through an aptitude testing process.

Dear Sir, 

I have just completed my BTech in Aerospace Engineering. I have been learning Hindustani classical music and have even given a few concerts. I am interested in music and wish to be a vocalist or singer. What course in music can I take up now? I wish to enter media and entertainment industry. Are there good institutes where I can undergo voice training? I would like to become an RJ or a voice-over artiste. Please guide me.


Dear Ram,

If you are courageous enough to forego your training in engineering and move into music and performing arts as a full-time career, you will have to be prepared for a long struggle till you establish yourself. There are many universities and reputed institutions offering PG courses in music. Alternatively since you wish to work as an RJ, you can offer your services to production studios and judge whether you will be able to make a breakthrough. The same can apply to becoming a vocalist, since talent is more important than qualifications in this field.

Dear Sir,

I completed my BE in Mechanical Engineering this year with 8.25 CGPA. I have been placed in a Multi National Company. But I am interested in teaching profession. Now, I am confused whether I should join the company or not. If I should  take up teaching, should I do my masters in India or abroad. Please guide.

Mayur V

Dear Mayur,

You can either make a beginning by applying for a full or part-time teaching job or even a leave vacancy, or straight away go for higher qualifications in your field of interest.  In India, you will be able to get into a good college on the basis of your GATE score. For Masters abroad you may discuss with any of the professional consultants in foreign education.

While you prepare for admission for higher studies, do consider taking up the job that has been offered to you, since industry experience is also an asset for your future teaching career. A year or more in the corporate world will give you a wider exposure and you will be able to take a balanced decision about what future you would like to carve out for yourself.

Dear Sir, 

My daughter is in Class 12 (PCMB) and is interested to pursue a course in Psychology. Can you recommend good universities in India that offer research-based Bachelor’s and Master’s programmes?


Dear Vinod,

Most undergraduate courses in India do not have any segment of research in it. If she can take admission in a good university and get a good foundation in all areas of psychology, by the time she comes to final year she will have a clearer picture about what area she would like to specialise in and whether she would like to get into research.

She can at that stage also explore whether she would like to do her higher studies abroad. Also, ask her to read up the text books of psychology of Class 12 before joining the degree course so that she is familiarised with the subject. 

Dear Sir,

My son is studying in Class 10. He is a singer, flautist and keyboardist. He is also very good in his academics. He wants to pursue both music and academics simultaneously. He is interested in engineering (but not in medical science), and also wants to pursue a professional degree in music. Is it possible to pursue both degrees simultaneously in India or should he try somewhere abroad? How should he go about doing this? Kindly advise.

Kavitha Srinivasan

Dear Kavitha,

After Class 10 it will be good if he takes up science (PCMC). In India, he may not be able to take up degree courses simultaneously in engineering and music. He can work towards getting into a good engineering college after Class 12, and continue to pursue music in his free time, even taking up short-term part-time courses if he wishes to.

However, he needs to be aware that with full-time engineering studies, he may not have too much time for music, but he will be able to catch up later and his engineering education will not go waste. If he goes abroad, he can take up a course with a combination of music and technical subjects.

Dear Sir, 

I am studying BBA and am in my final year, I would like to know whether a short term course in Digital Marketing will be helpful or is there any other course which will help me in getting a good job. Kindly advise.

A student

Dear Student,

Short-term courses are add-ons to your basic education, and will certainly give a boost. If you have decided to make marketing your domain specialisation, then part-time courses in market research, sales, event management, digital marketing, e-commerce will give you a better chance of getting employment.  

However, your real learning will start when you enter the working world and see how the corporate world functions. Try and get into an organisation that will give you opportunities to learn different aspects of marketing. In a year or so you will be able to narrow down to your area of interest and then pursue it vigorously.

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