Video lectures a preferred tool

Video lectures a preferred tool

User-friendly Industry experts believe that video lectures are an important element in the future of teaching and learning.

In the last few decades, we’ve witnessed a radical evolution in both learning and teaching methodologies. This has been prompted by the growth of technology and Internet penetration which has pushed aspirants to embrace online test preparation platforms for exam preparation.

These platforms are a part of the new breed of Internet companies which make use of modern-day technological phenomena like machine learning and artificial intelligence to scale and serve their customers better. Their ability to develop exhaustive resources with several hours of content in video and text makes them convenient for the harried learner. Students can take advantage of the vast pool of information to learn at their own pace.

Video lectures, one such online test preparation platform, is rapidly growing in popularity and adoption since it is an ideal tool to make learning more efficient and user-friendly. This format comes with multiple benefits, making it one of the most popular choices for exam preparation. Some of the benefits include:

Enables students to understand and grasp the subjects and the concepts better.

A more practical and efficient way of learning.

Easily accessible and engaging, especially for aspirants on-the-go.

Video lectures simplify the student-teacher relationship, allowing it to be interactive, making learning easier for students.

With increased Internet penetration in Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities, video lectures prove to be a blessing for aspirants preparing for competitive exams. The needs and demands of students in smaller cities are very different from those in the metros. Added to this, most of the aspirants hold other jobs and responsibilities and have to prepare for the exams along with that. Here are some primary factors fuelling the growth of video lectures in smaller cities.

Accessible learning

Video lessons that are available to users at any time and any place enable candidates to learn and prepare for their exams even outside their comfortable study environment. The availability of video lectures on mobile apps makes learning more efficient, user-friendly and highly accessible. Accessing course material on mobile becomes easier, especially for working professionals and students in Tier 2 and
Tier 3 cities. Students preparing for exams while juggling multiple other daily routine tasks are also able to do so efficiently through this preparation module. This is especially beneficial for remote learners, who cannot attend coaching classes.

Combination of images and audio: By including graphics, texts and pictures, along with audio, learning becomes a lot more interesting. Memory retention is higher because of the combination of interactive audio and video. Improved adaption to latest technologies further allows both working professionals and full-time students to prepare for their examinations more efficiently.

Better understanding of concepts: One of the greatest advantages of video lectures is that the concepts and theories of every subject can be explained in a much more simplified manner through a combination of text, audio and visual cues; thus making learning and retention easier. Supplementing these concepts with live examples further aids the learning process and makes exam preparation easy. Pre-recorded video lectures allow replays as many times as the candidate desires and thus adds a massive relief in terms of convenience, which is a welcome addition to the preparation schedules of aspirants.

Learning at individual pace: By introducing video lectures, online test preparations allow every individual to learn concepts at their own pace. The videos can be repeated or reviewed as many times as the user wants, and the interactivity helps with higher retention. Flexibility is of immense importance and value to aspirants who often suffer disruptions in their preparation due to constraints of space and time. Latest Internet and smartphone enabled-technologies allow aspirants to prepare for competitive examinations anytime, anywhere efficiently. Working professionals too have the liberty to access recorded video lectures anywhere and remain updated with the progress of their competitive exam preparation.

Sustained interest: It is common for students to lose their interest in classroom sessions. This is because in regular methods of teaching, lectures are generally scheduled for too long and paying individual attention to students and adhering to each student’s individual learning pace becomes difficult. Video lectures enable every student to learn things at their own speed and comfort. Students can take breaks whenever needed, revisit the recordings of difficult concepts multiple times and also switch subjects, allowing them to attend multiple lectures and prepare for multiple subjects at the same time.

Industry experts across the globe believe that video lectures are an important element in the future of teaching and learning. Growing technological adaptations, especially in competitive examinations coupled with the increasing demand for government and banking jobs, will only aid the growth and adaptation of video lectures across the country and especially among working professionals and remote users.
(The author is with Oliveboard)