Two injured in shooting

Two injured in shooting

Two people were injured after being shot at over a bill payment issue at Market Road in Madikeri on Thursday night.

The incident took place in front of Cauvery bar, when the owners of a canteen, Riaz Ahmed (31) and Samim (24) had demanded the payment of pending bill amount from Lokesh and Akram.

Both had ordered eatables from the canteen earlier and had not paid the bills. On Thursday, when they came to canteen and ordered for snacks, the owners asked them to pay the dues. This led to a heated argument between the parties and ultimately resulted in Lokesh shooting three round of bullets targeting canteen the owners, according to the police.

Riaz Ahmed and Samim have sustained serious injuries on their legs. Both are being treated at the district hospital. Riaz is also the maulavi of a masjid.

A group of youth who had gathered at the place of incident caught hold of Lokesh and thrashed him. Lokesh was later arrested. He had been arrested in a similar incident in the past as well.