Veeragallu found at Urmalakatta

Veeragallu found at Urmalakatta

The 'Veeragallu' found at Urmalakatta in Udupi district.

A 'Veeragallu' (heroic stone) belonging to Sangama dynasty, dating to 14th -15th century, was discovered at Urmalakatta at Kervase in Udupi district.

The Veeragallu was located by Brahmavar Crossland College History and Archeology Department Lecturer Shruthesh Acharya Moodubelle and Archives Research Centre Researcher Subhash Nayak Bantakallu.

The granite heroic stone has inscriptions in Kannada. The carvings on the stone from the bottom depict soldiers getting ready for a war, stabbing each other in a war and dead soldiers being taken to heaven by Apsaras (celestial nymphs).

In the top portion, there is a carving of Lord Vishnu, a soldier with a sword and Garuda (vehicle mount of Lord Vishnu). There are also carvings of women offering 'Arathi.'

According to experts, the heroic stone was erected by a man in memory of the heroic deed of his elder brother.