AAP fundraising through mobile

AAP fundraising through mobile

The Aam Aadmi Party has tied up with mobile wallet service of telecom companies to support donations through mobile phones. 

Through Airtel Money and Vodafone M Pesa, AAP supporters are now able to transfer money for party’s Lok Sabha campaign. India’s biggest mobile service company, Airtel has over 200 million subscribers, while Vodafone is a close second with over 160 million subscribers. 

“For making donation, a person is required to load their account with money and enter the amount they wish to donate. Then, they have to fill in details like name, city and mobile number. And they also have to confirm that they are Indian citizen,” said a party member Bipul Dey.

He said the party has adhered to the donation rules mandated by the Election Commission. The party had tried to get this service before the Delhi Assembly elections as well.

“If the idea becomes popular, the party can raise lot of funds in the next one-and-a-half month,” Dey said. He told that the maximum donation one can make through Airtel Money is Rs 999.

Also AAP volunteers now who with the help of a mobile application called ‘AAP Ka Daan’ can give SMS or email receipt for the donations accepted through cash or cheque. 

The donation to party for its Lok Sabha campaign has inched closer to the Rs 20 crore-mark, said Dey.

From 100 countries and 620 districts of India, the party through online donation has raised nearly Rs 14 crore.

On Tuesday the 537 online donors added Rs 13,86,890 to the party’s fund. According to a conservative estimate the party requires Rs 200 crore to contest the Lok Sabha elections.

And the party now pins its hope on donations through mobile phones.