Metro services hit on Blue Line

Metro services hit on Blue Line

Metro commuters had a hard time reaching their destinations as the services were hit on the Blue Line on Thursday.

Passengers complained that the trains were running slow on the Vaishali to Dwarka line around 2 pm.

“The train kept stopping for more than usual time at almost each station. The biggest halt was at Laxmi Nagar. The train stopped for about 20 to 25 minutes and then it stopped at the interchange station Yamuna Bank,” said Rohan Lal, a businessman.

The technical snag caused bunching of trains. “There was lot of rush at the stations and it was difficult to board any train,” said Tina Malhotra, a private firm employee. “I waited for over 45 minutes to board a metro,” she added.

Commuters also raised concerns that the reduced minimum time limit to be on the metro premises will cause problems during such technical glitches.