Temporary shelter big relief for AIIMS patients

Temporary shelter big relief for AIIMS patients

A temporary shelter, for patients as well as the relatives of indoor patients, was opened at the All India Institute of Medical Sciences on Friday. The facility is managed by the Delhi Urban Shelter Improvement Board.

The hall, which covers an area of 6,000 sq ft, has a capacity of 250 people. It will accommodate needy attendants and patients. The shelter is aimed at providing relief to the people staying on the pavements of AIIMS.

Non-governmental organisation, Society for the Promotion of Youth and Masses will look after the day-to-day operation and management of the shelter. The hospital is also scheduled to construct a large waiting shed of 250 square metre. It will have all basic amenities and is expected to be functional within the next three months.

“AIIMS is planning to improve the lodging facility further. The patient load on the hospital is huge, but we are trying to give as much relief as we can,” said Dr Y K Gupta, public relations officer, AIIMS. He said outstation patients as well as those from Delhi can equally avail of the lodging facilities at the hospital.

AIIMS is running three guest houses namely Rajgarhia Vishram Sadan, Satya Sai Vishram Sadan and Surekha Vishram Sadan. The total capacity of these guest houses is 412 beds. AIIMS receives -10,000 patients a day with a substantial number from other states.

The recent developments come in wake of the January 9 judgement of the Supreme Court which stated that shelter be provided to the relatives of indoor patients and other patients currently living on the pavements of the AIIMS. Recently there has been extensive reporting in the media about condition of patients and their family members who are staying on pavements of AIIMS in the chilly weather.

Deccan Herald published a story on the plight of cancer patients who were discharged right after chemotherapy and had to stay over for further check-ups. Another story enumerating the troubles caused due to rains.