Hariprasad defends Rahul's speech on discrimination

Hariprasad defends Rahul's speech on discrimination

.B K Hariprasad

Defending Congres chief Rahul Gandhi's statement about unemployment and discrimination in India leading youth to the wrong path including lynching and hatred, Rajya Sabha member B K Hariprasad stated that BJP is a 'mental hospital' and BJP leaders who are lunatics are seeing others also as lunatics.

"Let BJP leaders who say animal life is important than human life and Constitution should be changed should come out of that 'mental hospital', and then they will see who are 'mad' and who are not," he said.

Speaking to media persons on Saturday, he stated that Rahul Gandhi used the term Muslim Brotherhood in Arab countries as women have no proper position there, and therefore he compared it with RSS where also women have no place. RSS founder wanted Muslims should be the second-grade citizens here, and that agenda is speeded up now by the BJP, he charged.

When Prime Minister Narendra Modi visited France, he said that he was insulted for being born in India and there he spoke about business instead of patriotism, insulting 120 crore Indians, he noted.

During 2014 elections, Narendra Modi misguided the youth by assuring to create two crore jobs every year, and not even four lakh jobs are created so far. BJP is misusing even qualified unemployed youth for spreading hatred. If employment and equality without discrimination and opportunity to join the mainstream of the society is given, who will tread the wrong path like terrorism, he asked.

Discrimination towards Kerala

As Kerala has CPM government and BJP has only one MP there, the Union Government is showing the step-motherly attitude towards it by giving only Rs 600 crore for flood-relief works and is refusing foreign aid, Hariprasad charged.

During 2010 Gujarat earthquake, nobody opposed foreign help, even Karnataka government adopted Jawahar Nagar there. We oppose Centre's discrimination towards Kerala, and we condemn that. They give Rs 4,000s crore for installing statues and do not give the share of Kerala in calamity relief fund, he said.


"Congress will have an alliance with JD(S) in Karnataka in Lok Sabha polls, but not in local body elections, as they are fought on the strength of individual candidates," he clarified.

When asked about former Siddaramaiah's statement about his wish to become chief minister again, Hariprasad said, "ambition is natural, and the party's high command will take a decision".