BJP opposes Tipi Jayanti

BJP opposes Tipi Jayanti

M P Appacchu Ranjan

MLA M P Appacchu Ranjan accused the state government of dividing Hindus and Muslims by observing Tipu Jayanti for the past three years. 

Speaking to reporters on Wednesday, he condemned the move of the state government to observe Tipu Jayanti in spite of opposition from various quarters. By observing Tipu Jayanti in Kodagu, the government is insulting the people of the district. 

Further, he said, “Congress government had not remembered Tipu during its 55 years of rule in the country. The history records prove that Tipu was anti-Hindu and was a bigot.” 

When Hindu activist Kutappa was killed during Tipu Jayanti celebrations, H D Kumaraswamy had stated that Tipu Jayanti was not necessary and had promised to suspend the celebrations if he comes to power. It is a tragedy that he has come forward to observe Tipu Jayanti now, after becoming the chief minister. In stead let the government observe the birth anniversary of A P J Abdul Kalam, he suggested.

MLC Sunil Subramani said, “Tipu had plundered 310 temples in Kodagu. He had also attacked churches. Still, the government is hell bent on its decision to continue Tipu Jayanti celebrations.” 

District BJP unit President Bharathish said, “Siddaramaiah government started observing Tipu Jayanti to garner votes three years ago. In spite of loss of lives following clashes that had occurred during Tipu Jayanti celebrations in the past, the government is going ahead with its decision to observe the Jayanti.”