Battle of Hyundais: Verna vs Creta - Price, Features and Ownership Comparison

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New Delhi (India), April 23: Hyundai is a notable name in the automobile industry. Two popular options from their varied range include the Creta SUV and the Verna Sedan. Choosing between a sedan and an SUV can be confusing for those considering purchasing a car. While an SUV offers a more youthful and tough aesthetic, a sedan is more in the classy and sophisticated segment. Both are well-regarded for their performance, features, and comfort. However, choosing between them requires comprehensively evaluating their prices, features, and how they can meet individual preferences. 

Comparing the Performances

The Hyundai Creta showcases diverse features and a commanding stance on the road. The Creta has three engine powertrain options: a 1497cc, 1493cc, and 1482cc diesel backed with a petrol engine. It is a great vehicle for driving in bad weather and uneven terrain because of its strong chassis and higher ground clearance. Whether travelling off-road or through crowded cities, passengers may feel safe and comfortable thanks to the Creta's flawless handling and plush ride quality. 

The inclusion of all-wheel drive (AWD), which increases traction and stability in challenging driving conditions, further improves the Creta's capabilities. The Creta's SUV structure provides a prominent view of the road and a sense of security, particularly in poor driving conditions.

Conversely, the Verna is a fusion of refinement and powerful performance. It offers a range of engine options designed to produce a power-to-efficiency ratio. The Verna sports a substantial 1482cc or 1497cc petrol engine, based on its trim level. Its well-adjusted suspension and precise steering contribute to its swift handling, which makes driving on the highway and around cities enjoyable. The sedan provides a calm driving experience that enhances confidence and comfort behind the wheel because of its smooth acceleration and minimal noise intrusion into the cabin. With its lower centre of gravity for acceleration and agility, the Verna sedan chassis improves handling and responsiveness on the road. It truly offers an exciting driving experience with a touch of luxury. 

The table highlights the mileage offerings of the Creta and Verna.

The Price Factor

A major consideration when buying a car is its price. The price varies depending on the trim levels, engine-gearbox options, and features available. Adding features can also increase the price. 

The Verna and Creta are in the mid-price segment, ranging from ten to twenty-five lakhs. The Creta price range for its nineteen variants is ₹ 13.00 lakhs to ₹ 23.88 lakhs. Verna's competitive pricing ranges from ₹ 12.68 lakhs to ₹ 20.02 lakhs for its ten variants.  

Verna prices are often lower than those of the Creta, making it a more appealing option for individuals on a tight budget who appreciate premium features and appearance. However, the Creta's larger size, more adaptability, and added comforts more than offset its somewhat higher price point, giving it a desirable choice for those seeking SUV capacity and usefulness.

Evaluating the Exterior Features

Hyundai cars are known for their varied features and stylish aesthetics. The Verna and Creta are no different. The Hyundai Creta embodies versatility, catering to the demands of contemporary adventurers and urban explorers with its unique design and practical features. 

The Creta is an eye-catching car because of its strong front grille, sculpted body lines, and distinctive LED lighting features. Its adventurous nature is highlighted by available additions like skid plates, alloy wheels, and roof rails, which also equip it for any trip.

The elegant combination of modern technology features and a smart design characterises the Hyundai Verna. The Verna exudes a subtle refinement that draws in the senses because of its exquisite appearance and exquisitely designed interior. Its recognisable cascading grille and LED headlights accentuate its aerodynamic design, which commands attention on the road. 

Checking out the Interiors

While exterior design matters, interiors become more important when comparing features. It makes sense since you will mostly experience your ride on the inside, and its comfort level determines how enjoyable each ride is. 

The Creta has a spacious and flexible interior designed to accommodate those with active lifestyles. You can be prepared for every eventuality with your spacious load capacity, flexible seating options, and useful storage solutions. The infotainment system is easy to use and has a touchscreen display and navigation to guarantee connectivity.

The Verna's luxurious materials and modern technology provide comfort and convenience inside the cabin. The interior is comfortable for both the driver and the passengers due to its soft-touch materials, ambient lighting, and ergonomic controls. The infotainment system is easy to use and has smartphone connectivity and a touchscreen. 

After Sales Service and Ownership 

Hyundai is well-known in India for its extensive network of dealerships and service centres and its superior after-sales care. Owners may feel secure knowing that Hyundai's standard warranty and service packages cover the Verna and Creta. To ensure a hassle-free ownership experience, the firm offers extended warranty options, scheduled maintenance plans, and roadside assistance. 

Because of Hyundai's solid reputation as a brand and the popularity of both models among consumers, the Verna and Creta both have good resale values in the used car market. Maintenance costs are affordable, and authorised dealerships have easy access to genuine spare parts.


The decision between Verna and Creta in the Hyundai battle ultimately comes down to personal tastes and needs. Those looking for a sleek, feature-rich sedan with good fuel economy and cosy interiors may find the Verna appealing. The Creta appeals to SUV fans seeking a tough yet elegant car with adaptable performance and cutting-edge technological features. 

Both models are excellent choices in their respective markets, providing good value, dependability, and a fun ownership experience, all supported by Hyundai's dedication to excellence and client happiness. Whether you go with the Verna or Creta, you can anticipate a satisfying driving experience and a car that suits your lifestyle needs in a stylish and functional manner.

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Published 23 April 2024, 10:43 IST

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